Assembly #2: 'Thing 002304 (carpets)'


On January 27, 2019, as part of Assembly (KIOSK), Agency is convening a gathering of 'concerned' in order to discuss Thing 002304 (carpets).

Thing 002304 (carpets) concerns a conflict between the textile companies Artessuto and B&T Textilia about drawings of townscapes which are used in tapestries and cushions. During the case, 'Artessuto v. B&T Textilia' on January 26, 2012, the Belgian Supreme Court had to decide if Artessuto’s woven carpets were sufficiently original to qualify for copyright protection as a work of art.

We will read collectively through fragments of the case reports. The purpose of this gathering is to revisit the moment of hesitation during the court case and to actualize the problem discussed in the case as a way to fabulate. Sari Depreeuw (copyright lawyer), Heike Dobbelaere (designer), Renée Strikkeling (textile designer), Wendy Van Wynsberghe (programmer and artist), etc. are invited by Agency in order to resonate on this case.