Studiecentrum voor Experimentele Literatuur
Creative art criticism


The Study Center for Experimental Literature (SEL) is organizing the presentation of Creative art criticism / Critique d'art créative, a publication edited by Stefan Clappaert and Hans Vandevoorde.

Between 1945 and 1985, numerous important Belgian writers ventured into 'creative art criticism'. With this literary form of art criticism, they deliberately distanced themselves from a matter-of-fact description and created lyrical and narrative texts, which in some cases were as rich as the art discussed.

Creative art criticism / Critique d'art créative deals with both Dutch-speaking and French-speaking writers-critics and aims to give a global picture of Belgian art life after 1945. Writers featured include Louis Paul Boon, Marcel Broodthaers, Hugo Claus, Christian Dotremont and Jean Dypréau.

The launch of the book will take place on Thursday 22 December in KIOSK and will start at 7.30 pm. Author Daniël Rovers will give a short presentation. This is followed by a reception. Entrance is free.

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