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Let's wind up the nursery tale of AI.

Join the United Intelligence Lab,

we are writing The Critical AI Manifesto.


The United Intelligence Lab considers AI to be the most transformative technology of our time that shapes the way we interact, create and think. With C.AI.M we want to study and exploit AI, unmasking its impact.

UIL is an ever-growing group of people cooperating on the Critical AI Manifesto exploring the impact of machine learning on culture and society. UIL members are from all walks of life. Whether AI-dominion is something you secretly yearn for or desperately hope to escape from, one thing is for certain, the old vantage points on AI will for nobody suffice anymore. Join us in writing C.AI.M. Anyone is welcome, except if you are an AI.

On 08.05.2021 between 2 and 6 p.m., KIOSK hosts the Critical AI Manifestation:

1. Experience & Perform

Turing test (social artistic experiment)

2. Chill & Reflect

Explore the C.AI.M app and create your own manifesto

3. Act & Contribute on the Dashboard.

Reserve your spot on eventbrite!

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