Marijke De Roover



I am 18 or older
I have read the disclaimer regarding physical and mental restrictions and confirm that non of this applies to me
I have no history of physical or sexual violence (both victim or perpetrator)
I can provide proof of a clean criminal record
I am able to invest the time and energy required
I don't back out of engagements
I am a compassionate person
I feel confident sharing ideas in a group setting
I feel confident expressing a different opinion than others
I am ok with signing a non-disclosure contract and that everything that happens or is discussed while working on the project, AND during the run of the performance can not be communicated in any way! A haunted house experience like this loses all its impact when people know what to expect.
I deal well with criticism
I am able to improvise
I am not trans- and homophobic
I am not a racist
I am comfortable with depictions of sexual activity
I am comfortable with depictions of violence
I am comfortable with depictions of torture
I am comfortable around nudity
I am comfortable being nude or partially clothed
I am comfortable enacting SIMULATED violence
I am comfortable touching people
I am comfortable touching people in a hands on, agressive manner
I am comfortable touching people in a suggestive manner
I am ok with (fake) bodily fluids
I am ok with my feet, hands,... touching various unusual textures
I can handle foul smells
I am not easily intimidated
I can easily differentiate reality from pretend
I am able to deescalate aggressive situations
I can handle uncomfortable temperatures
I know how to perform basic first aid or CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation)
I am aware that I will always be in a safe environment and that there will be constant conversation and communication to make sure that all people involved are engaging in situations that are well inside their boundaries of comfortability
Please provide a very short motivation on why you would like to participate. You are also encouraged to write down any specific talents you think could be interesting to incorporate (music, acrobacy, specific languages you speak, technical experiences, costuming, etc)*

Thanks for your time and interest! We will contact you as soon as possible with more news.