Jakob Van den Broucke
Dagelijks werk (curriculum 1)


KIOSK Jakob Van den Broucke Dagelijks Werk Curriculum 1

How To Live Together on a Damaged Planet? With this question KIOSK opened on 26 October the lecture that author and curator Jennifer Teets gave on the occasion of the presentation of the recently published book Electric Brine (2021). The question contains an almost literal reference to the title of Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing's influential book, Arts of Living on a Damaged Planet (2017), in which Tsing presents tools with which we can try to survive in an Anthropocene permeated by the violence of modernity.

Visual artist Jakob Van den Broucke attended the lecture and, in line with his artistic practice, made a diary drawing (Dagelijks werk (curriculum 1)). The day drawings are collected by Van den Broucke as Dagelijks Werk and help the artist to organize his thoughts and understand the world.