Various Artists
Dear Various


Dear Various



De Witte Raaf #222, ceramics, tape

Uniple (unique multiple), unnumbered edition with certificate

200 € VAT included

Dear Various is a compilation of emails received by Various Artists from, a for-profit organization storing over 40 million academic papers by more than 12 million researchers around the world, every time “Various Artists” is mentioned in online academic publications.

Dear Various is a series of 100 uniples (unique multiples). To create the works Various Artists uses clay, a material used to compile and share information in Mesopotamia at the very beginning of writing’s history. Clay is known to be a highly durable material that can survive nuclear disasters.

Simultaneously, the compilation of all the emails is collapsed into a single blurred image to be advertised in the 222nd edition of the art newspaper De Witte Raaf, issued in March 2023. Presented on the wall next to the clay tablets, the printed advertisement also serves as wrapping paper and as a certificate for the tablets available for purchase.

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