Encounter in Resonance


A collective interview hosted by Martine Huvenne and EPAS alumni. Featuring Angus Carlyle, Kate Carr, Holger Schulze and Nicolas Becker as guests, on Listening as an Art.

Is listening an act of creation?

In listening we don’t hear every sound in our environment, we make choices and direct our attention. Some sounds even catch our attention immediately, for example the voice of a loved person. But what about the sounds surrounding us, not catching our attention?

Do we just ignore them in the same way we skip the territory of the maintenance products in the supermarket because we don't need them?

What is happening in the act of listening when we are not directing our attention to a meaning or a source? Can we introduce a listening mode that in analogy with a choreography, transports us ‘bodily’, resonating with the sounds as dynamic movements?

Can we state that all listening starts with a bodily resonance with the sound?

Can we state that in this resonance with sound we make choices and start to create?

Is this what sound art is about?

This interview will take place on zoom from 6 to 8 p.m.. If you would like to be with us and to be able to put a question during the open Q&A at the end of the event, you can inscribe via eventbrite. If you just want to listen, this event will be streamed on Facebook.

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