For Training Purposes


Telephone waiting lines are usually equipped with all kinds of options. They make their callers hold with tunes and inform them that the call can be recorded "for training purposes".

In the context of a world polluted by Covid, artist duo CMMC waits at the end of the line. Callers can attend a one-on-one performance by phone between 00.01h and 23.59h. As in the duo’s former performances, text is key; the uninformed listener will be lead to one of the artists that turn the conversation into a narration. Somewhere between script, fiction and conversation, all calls are recorded and are made available as (a) document(ation) on the KIOSK website.

For Training Purposes is a new work that leans on the directness and slight uneasiness of telephone conversations; and meanwhile emphasises the medium as being a perfect carrier for textual material.

Call us - whatever you want.

Read Els Roelandt's interview with CMMC about the project.

Vlaanderen verbeelding werkt