Rony Tanios

01.02  –  15.02

In 2023, KIOSK streams in partnership with Le Fresnoy a series of films on its website. Tashattot Collective invited Yara Al Chehayed to select three films from the catalog of Le Fresnoy in response to the exhibition Tashattot. Fracture by Rony Tanios is the first film selected by Yara Al Chehayed. Password available between 01.02 and 15.02.2023.

Three questions to Rony Tanios

Yara Al Chehayed: We see in your movie the absence of walls separating the private realm from the public one. What do you think contributed to the fall of walls between the outside world and our private spaces?

Rony Tanios: Fracture is a film that explores the loneliness of human beings in a society governed by appearances. Social networks have strongly contributed to this alienation of the individual within society. Today we live on an overpopulated planet in cramped spaces. We have never been so close physically yet so apart mentally. We brush past each other daily without leaving our phones to look at each other. This social “Fracture” detaches individuals and confines them to bubbles with invisible walls. We look at the ‘’Other’’ without seeing them. We prefer to watch their avatar on our screen. In the film, Victor lives in this social bubble with invisible walls. He is waiting for someone who will never come. Hearing a knock on his door becomes a hallucination.

YAC: We see Victor confined to his reality and looks at himself through a broken mirror, reflecting a distorted image of himself. Do you think our current images of ourselves are distorted? and what contributed to this distortion?

RT: Victor no longer wants the image that his mirror reflects of him. He replaces it with a new mirror that modifies his perceptions by making him believe that someone is knocking at his door. The virtual image we create of ourselves is meant to better “connect” us with others, get us more “likes” and attract more “followers”. The valuation it brings us pushes us to identify more with it than with our reflection in the mirror. This gives us little desire to meet the Other for fear that he will discover in us a real version much blander than the virtual one. We thus prefer to stay at home, as sequestered with our avatar in the same cell.

YAC: We see at the end of the movie, that a playful child brings Victor to the reality that he is connected to the world, do you think through the children in us, we will reconnect with each other?

RT: It is indeed the child's balloon that crosses Victor's invisible wall and knocks down the decor. It is the child who interrupts Victor's delirium and brings him back to reality. It is he who reveals his sad loneliness and who makes him understand that there is no point in waiting for someone who will never come. Despite their very rich imagination, today's children are more connected to reality than anyone else. Until the day they receive their first cell phone.

About Rony Tanios

Born in Beirut, Rony Tanios is a medical doctor and a psychiatrist, graduated from Paris VII in 2014. After a master's degree in filmmaking at the ENSAV - National Higher School of Audiovisual, he joined Le Fresnoy - Studio National des Arts Contemporains in 2018. His films explore the human unconscious and mix realism and fantasy. In 2009, his first short film, Le Cas Perrot, was selected for "Premiers Plans d'Angers Festival" and for several national and international festivals. In 2021, he directed Fracture, his first experimental film, selected for "Tirana International Film Festival" and for several other national and international festivals.

About Yara Al Chehayed

Yara Al Chehayed, is a PhD scholar from the Levant, at UCLouvain: Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium. Her project tackles Lebanese cinema of war and the absent perpetuator, and through this absence the emergence of the specter of war. She is also a researcher in social sciences with special interest in identities, belonging and migration and their manifestation in cultural production, mainly cinema.

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