Anne Duk Hee Jordan
KASK Lecture


Anne Duk Hee Jordan is a visual artist whose work explores areas between art, science, and Mythology. She makes performances and installations, motorised sculptures and creates edible landscapes. She draws inspiration from marine life, biology, sexuality and reproduction, nutrition and ecology. In a humorous way, she opens doors to an artistic universe where she creates romantic machines that copy or transform biological processes and chemical reactions between living organisms and dead material. Jordan's research is carried out together with specialists from various fields and in some cases takes several years. The motives behind Jordan's installations are often specific biological processes that symbolise a social space, in which she permits certain movements and prohibits others. Scientific theories are supported by our fantasy world, and vice versa, our dreams are the starting point for scientific research. In her artworks, humans and nature meet; but through her creative process, she primarily contradicts this initial categorisation. There is a tension between exploring and disapproving science, and more generally, a consideration of the role of art and science in the world. Jordan's engagement, however, suggests that irony is out of the question, and if there is any irony, it is a game being played out in all seriousness.

KASK lecture Anne Duk Hee Jordan