Naninga Lens
Letter from Dirk De Vilder to ma, pa en zus Anouk, July 1964

06.03  –  12.03

In the summer of 1964, young art student Dirk De Vilder [Pjeroo Roobjee] (1945) writes a letter to ‘Dear mom, dear dad, sister Anouk’ from the Belgian army’s training camp in Turnhout. His parents, however, live in Amsterdam. To whom is he addressing this letter?

Thanks to: Pjeroo Roobjee & Leentje Zwaenepoel, Anouk Vlerick, Peter Laroy & Erwin Smets (Liberas), Simon Delobel, Godart Bakkers, Suzy Castermans & Sylvia Czachorowska (Kunstenbibliotheek), Laure Caus & Johan Prils, Etienne Desmet, Tom Van Imschoot en Koen Brams

The Letters Project

In 2022-2023, KIOSK together with the research group Ghent, playing field of the visual arts (1957-1987), will focus on letters from or to people from Ghent, or concerning the Ghent art scene. The letters are selected for their content, but also for their form.

For a whole year, the group will present a different letter every week in KIOSK, and will highlight its context or the questions it raises. During these presentations, the letter (or a facsimile) will be shown, possibly with other artefacts that are mentioned or that can clarify its meaning.

Ghent, playing field of the visual arts (1957-1987) consists of Naninga Lens, Sofie Frederix, Wouter De Vleeschouwer, Koen Brams and Godart Bakkers. For The Letters Project the group is reinforced by Simon Delobel and some guests.

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