Lise Van Acker
Letter from Hugo Claus to Hugo De Clercq, 09.01.1969

13.03  –  19.03

On January 9, 1969, Hugo Claus (1929-2008) writes a letter to Hugo De Clercq (1930-1996). The letter heralds an artistic cross-fertilization between the writer and the artist. However, it is not the first: in 1966 De Clercq and his wife Jeanne Herbiet designed costumes for Claus’ play “Thyestes”. This time it is Claus who supports De Clercq’s work: he is writing a “game of voices” that will be staged as a play during the vernissage of an upcoming exhibition of De Clercq’s recent work, organized by the Socialist Study Circle at Vooruit in Ghent (February 18, 1969).

Thanks to: Veerle Claus-De Wit, Koen Brams, Simon Delobel, Godart Bakkers, Daniëlle Palmans (Letterenhuis Antwerpen), Martijn Vandenbroucke (AMSAB), Archief UGent, Suzy Castermans (Kunstenbibliotheek) & Foundation Hugo

The Letters Project

In 2022-2023, KIOSK together with the research group Ghent, playing field of the visual arts (1957-1987), will focus on letters from or to people from Ghent, or concerning the Ghent art scene. The letters are selected for their content, but also for their form.

For a whole year, the group will present a different letter every week in KIOSK, and will highlight its context or the questions it raises. During these presentations, the letter (or a facsimile) will be shown, possibly with other artefacts that are mentioned or that can clarify its meaning.

Ghent, playing field of the visual arts (1957-1987) consists of Naninga Lens, Sofie Frederix, Wouter De Vleeschouwer, Koen Brams and Godart Bakkers. For The Letters Project the group is reinforced by Simon Delobel and some guests.

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