Lines of Flight


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A zine dedicated to the journey from belonging to a new togetherness

Lines of Flight* invites artists and writers to rethink notions of belonging and integration by stepping away or towards points of departure and arrival.

Displacement holds within itself the memory of the origin as well as extending its visions to new horizons of the destination. It abandons, preserves, and reshapes forms of belonging. Displacement of any form—forced or voluntary—drags and pushes displaced people between the two points. They are in a constant struggle within a dichotomy or convergence between memories of belonging and integration towards a fresh start. Home, a supposedly familiar landscape, is blurred by its transposition across the displaced person’s former national borders. The displaced align the two realities of their existence by rethinking while also recollecting.

Lines of Flight is a new zine project, initiated by KIOSK, that focuses on notions of displacement. Through this open call KIOSK invites artists in audio, visual, installation, video, photography, and text to share their stories about the concerns, struggles, and silver linings of an outsider’s experience in a new environment. Lines of Flight will be published as a two-part online zine on KIOSK’s website.

Lines of Flight - editorial by Yasaman Tamizkar

Deadline for contributions: 15 October 2022

Publishing date: November  2022

Project coordinator: Yasaman Tamizkar

Editorial committee: Yasaman Tamizkar, Els Roelandt, Sara Plantefève-Castryck, Simon Delobel

*Lines of Flight is the title of an exhibition of the work of Nilima Sheikh presented from 19 May 2018 until 18 June 2018 at the Asia Art Archive Library in Sheung Wan, Hongkong.

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