Teun de Lange,
Guy Rombouts
Multatuli Wederzijds


KIOSK is pleased to invite you on Sunday 13 June 2021 for the lecture-performance Multatuli Wederzijds. Between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m., two performers will present the result of the artistic collaboration between Teun de Lange and Guy Rombouts in the Anatomical Theater - Cirque.

Multatuli - semi-Latin for 'he who suffered much' was the pseudonym of Eduard Douwes Dekker. During his exile in Brussels in 1858 he wrote the novel Max Havelaar, of De Koffij-veilingen der Nederlandsche Handel-Maatschappij under this pseudonym. The book was an indictment of the corruption and exploitation of the Indonesians by the Dutch colonial regime. Because Max Havelaar deals with racial discrimination in a barely dated way, it was a unique document for Guy Rombouts and Teun de Lange to explore the reciprocity of meanings in this context.

Multatuli Wederzijds is a document that can be read in two directions - by analogy with Guy Rombouts' project EN from 1972. Like the language-music of John Cage, it is a 'conversation' in which many nuances of the subject (anti-)discrimination are addressed.

The lecture-performance will take place on the occasion of the book presentation EN by Guy Rombouts on Sunday 13 June 2021. The text of Multatuli Wederzijds will also be available online from that day.

Concept and design: Guy Rombouts

Literary idea and programming: Teun de Lange

Thanks to Kris Latoir and Het Balanseer.

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