Naître aux mondes

07.07.21  –  08.07.21

Naître aux mondes is a project curated by Estelle Lecaille (independent curator working for mosso) and Simon Delobel (KIOSK director) in Arles in July 2021, as an answer to the call launched by WBI, Kunstenpunt, the Délégation générale du Gouvernement de la Flandre en France and the Direction des Arts plastiques contemporains.

Naître aux mondes offers Arles a route of informal and fortuitous exchanges in the public space with photographers with autonomous artistic positions, singular individualities and diversified practices and genres: portraits, self-portraits, documentary photographs or even photocollages. The curators' gaze turned to photographers whose recognition by the general public has yet to be effective: Hélène Amouzou, Patrick Wokmeni, Rami Hara, Chrystel Mukeba, Brahim Tall, Muhiba Botan and Prignot & Alvarez.

While current policies are xenophobia, border closures and identity withdrawal, it seems fundamental to show the work of artists offering another vision of our society: multicultural, cosmopolitan and rich in constantly renewed external contributions. . The photographic proposals selected were chosen for their ability to abolish imaginary borders, to decompartmentalize our thought systems and mental constructions linked to the other, allowing us to understand that we are only one and the same living human community. Capturing the other through art remains a unique way to open up to possibilities and to others and to rethink our relationship to worlds.