Encounter in Resonance

11.12  –  22.12

A group exhibition of the artists who met at EPAS in 2019-2020. EPAS is a biennial European Postgraduate in Arts in Sound at KASK & Conservatorium.

In this exhibition, each of the participants is challenged to present their own sound world through a variety of installation devices. For each of them, this exhibition is an encounter and exchange with their audience.

Invited by EPAS to design this exhibition, curator Anne-Laure Chamboissier felt emboldened to go further than just showing the artist's works and the results of artistic research. She attentively creates opportunities for the audience to participate actively through listening.

In Encounter in Resonance the public is invited for a vast listening experience organized in two exhibition spaces: KIOSK and the Zwarte Zaal. Through this journey, the visitor is exposed to sound works of various temporalities, thus allowing a specific listening of each piece.

The visiting listener is invited to slide from one proposal to another for an experience of listening that is both collective and personal. The question of listening cannot be detached from a sensory experience.

Artists: Massimo Colombo, Rotem Gerstel, Flavia Passigli, Nina Queissner, Melissa Ryke, Kenta Tanaka, Luis Neto, Evelien Verhegge, Job Worms.

Curator: Anne-Laure Chamboissier.

Artistic directors: Martine Huvenne, Raf Enckels.

Opening: Saturday 11th December 3pm to 6pm

Open daily until 22.12.2021, from 12 to 6pm.