Omgeving Celbeton - Cinema avond in Netwerk Aalst


Why do non-European artists leave their homeland to settle in Europe? How can artists who have recently arrived in Belgium develop their artistic practice and gain visibility within the art scene? KIOSK and Netwerk Aalst are working together on an evening consisting of the projection of short films and a discussion between Yara Al Chehayed and filmmaker Eyas Mokdad to formulate possible answers to these questions.

Rand Abou Fakher in collaboration with Yara Al Chehayed, chose the four short films that can be seen in the cinema room of Netwerk from the catalog of the French production and distribution house Wind Cinema. Rand Abou Fakher is a filmmaker, programmer and head of production at Wind Cinema, Yara Al Chehayed is a PhD student at the Université Catholique de Louvain and a member of Tashattot Collective.

Practical information

  • 23.05.2023, 7 p.m.
  • Free entrance
  • Cinema Netwerk Aalst, Vakschoolstraat 41, 9300 Aalst


Mother Daughter (Eyas Mokdad)

A'hwa (Rolla Tahir)

It's only three nails!! Saturn devouringhis son (Amad Alhaj)

Olive planet (Shehab Fatoum)

Omgeving Celbeton

The evening is part of the Environment Celbeton, a contemporary program of music, literature and visual arts organized in the context of the exhibition Celbeton Dendermonde 1957-1975 - Vrijplaats voor kunst en kritiekin the library of Dendermonde (11 May - 30 July 2023). Celbeton was the name of an art circle that was active in Dendermonde between 1957 and 1975.

Over Tashattot Collective

Tashattot (Arabic for dispersion) is an art collective based in Belgium dedicated to supporting visual artists, musicians, filmmakers, and cultural practitioners at large, originally from the SWANA region and currently “dispersed” in Europe. The collective aims at creating opportunities, collaborations, commissions, and securing funding for these expatriate artists regardless of their ethnicities, gender identities, or religions.

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