On the Bookshelf


KIOSK is interested in your bookshelves.

Here is what CMMC is reading today:

  • Claire-Louise Bennett, Pond, The Stinging Fly Press, 2015
  • Catherine Wood, Yvonne Rainer,The Mind is a Muscle, Afterall Books, 2007
  • Koen Sels, Gloria, Het Balanseer, 2019
  • David Foster Wallace, Brief Interviews with Hideous Men, Little, Brown and Company, 1999
  • Boris Groys, In the Flow, Verso Books, 2017
  • Camiel van Winkel, During the Exhibition the Gallery Will Be Closed, Valiz, 2012
KIOSK reads CMMC Claire Louise Bennett
KIOSK reads CMMC Catherine Wood
KIOSK reads CMMC Koen Sels
KIOSK reads CMMC David Foster Wallace
KIOSK reads CMMC Boris Groys
KIOSK reads CMMC Camiel van Winkel