Paulius Šliaupa

01.06  –  31.08

Paulius Šliaupa, Toshka, 2023, 4K video, 03:50, 16:9, stereo

The video’s title alludes to the Toshka Project, which involves the construction of canals to supply irrigation water in a section of the Sahara Desert. The Toshka Project aims to sustain the growing Egyptian population by cultivating plants, including grains, in the area. But the men who undertake this work often find themselves separated from their homes and families, enduring the scorching sun. Life in the desert has persisted for ages, but it now exists within a new context and with fresh aspirations. As men work in the desert, the relentless forces of entropy erode their efforts. Intense heat and shimmering air give rise to mesmerizing mirages that seem to transform the vast expanse of the desert into a fluid, painterly spectacle. The accompanying song captures the challenges of desert life and was composed by Sherock Al Alam.

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