Jini van Rooijen
Sexual offering


KIOSK KIRAC sexual offering 2021 5

Jini is a 22 year-old student of philosophy at the University of Amsterdam. Her sexual appetite for dick got her cancelled: having allegedly raped a boy she was kicked out of the Philosophy Student Association.

The University of Amsterdam no longer accommodates Jini’s journey. She thus finds her safe haven in KIRAC Academy. Owing to KIOSK’s gracious invitation, KIRAC Academy now extends a platform to Jini’s desires.

On the 2d of July 2021, the Cirque was home to her performance; aided by her well endowed partner in sex Oliver, and talented dancer Leyla de Muynck

This event is part of a collaboration between KIRAC and KIOSK that will culminate in an exhibition at KIOSK in Spring 2022.