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SUPPORT STUDIO invites you to Dissection, a Q&A with Simon Delobel, current director of KIOSK. The discussion will take place in the exhibition Morph Allure by Lisa Vlaemminck at 5 pm.

For more than 15 years, Simon Delobel has been an art worker on the Belgian art scene, building up a highly varied experience in the various sectors of the art world on a professional level, as (assistant) curator, director of public and private institutions, (assistant) dealer, art critic, (amateur) collector, teacher and jury member. When Support Studio asked him to meet young artists and share his experiences, giving them some advice, he proposed not to give an hour-long lecture about his own experiences, but to engage in a real discussion based on the specific questions you would like to ask him on different topics such as art education, art competitions, residencies, exhibitions, critical texts, commercial activities, etc., with the aim of shaping the meeting between young artists and him creating a direct exchange of opinions, in which the audience has an active role in developing the discussion.

In order to participate to the Q&A, please send by email one or more questions you would like to ask to Simon Delobel, with the title 'Question for Simon Delobel'.

The Q&A will last 1hour 30 minutes and will be followed at 6.30 pm by Paradigma, a performance by Ghent-based artist Dupani, invited by SUPPORT STUDIO on the occasion of the event at KIOSK.

Don't hesitate to join afterwards the book launch of Vedran Kolpjar's latest publications at BOEKS from 7 pm.

About Support Studio

SUPPORT STUDIO is a new collective space for and by emerging artists in Ghent. It is a workplace where emerging artists can find their balance between developing individual practice, building a network through joint engagement and by organizing meetings and activities, supported by NUCLEO Kunstenaars Ateliers.

Pictures: Onur Kaymak / Juliane Lusson

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