Rebecca Vandersteen
No Standards


"At a certain point I found out everybody was crazy."

"You can’t make everyone happy, but you can make everyone unhappy."

"I’m not angry, I’m just having fun."

SD: Why did you move from London to Belgium?

YL: London is a great place for artists, but at a certain moment I started noticing something strange. I discovered that Belgian artists and their artworks didn’t fit into any place. The quality of their work is just so weird when you compare it to others. So to confirm my opinion I went to the British Library and took a book about Belgian artists from the Middle Ages to the present. And I found out there is no standard in Belgium, there is just a lot of freedom, which I like a lot. So I decided to go to art school here.

SD: What did you do in London?

YL: I studied Fashion. I choose fashion because I hated it so much. I thought I could change something. This cannot be written in the file.

SD: Everything can be written.

YL: Ok, then I don’t say anything. I just have a different method than most people. People choose the things they like, I choose the things I don’t like. I don’t like fashion so I decided to study fashion. I thought I could change something but I discovered it’s a joke. And then I left.

SD: Do you want to change something in order to be able to like it?

YL: No, I wanted to change the system but I found out I cannot change it otherwise too many people will lose their jobs.

SD: Have you been successful in changing any systems?

YL: I changed some systems. At LUCA I went to the print shop every Monday and collected one side printed waste paper. I made booklets out of it and handed them out to the students in school. I think almost every student at school got a booklet from me. Now the print shop has set up a paper box outside of their shop saying ‘one side printed waste paper – free to collect’. So it’s a micro change. I don’t want to change big things, but the small things I can change, I will.

SD: What will you change for us at KIOSK?

YL: Let's see!