Gert Verhoeven

17.04.21  –  13.06.21

How does an elusive idea translate into a material creation?

In the hemisphere of the former anatomical theater, Gert Verhoeven dissects his own authorship. For Spellbound, he shows a new series of animation films and sculptures that are arranged in the space of KIOSK as carousels of ideas and objects. These works are based on seemingly banal impressions that initially find their form in doodles or small sketches. Loose associations from the unconscious result in assemblages of objects brimming with humor. A shaky balance characterizes Verhoeven’s spellbound sculptures - a showdown between mind and matter, between weightlessness and gravity.

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Practical information

*The exhibition is open daily from 12 to 6 p.m. between 17.04 and 13.06.2021, reserve your visit on evenbrite.

Vlaanderen verbeelding werkt


so we have 7 poor sketches for 7 fat virtual projections,

7 ideas in search for 7 realizations,

7 artists in search for 1 idea or 7 ideas in search for 1 artist,


Spellbound: Whiskey sausage; Seesaw with whiskey bags; Copy-boules; Authors; Crevettes et cochons; The holy sculptures, ideal, trans, bi, inter,…; Whiskey bag with fifteen bells + 1 song; Whiskey bag with 12 bells + 1 light, Whiskey bag with 2 lights + no sound.

- Gert Verhoeven