Lisa Vlaemminck
Meat A Morph Hose



Lisa Vlaemminck

Meat A Morph Hose


Edition of 35 (each unique)

130 x 40 cm (diameter)

Printed cotton with latex spaghetti filling, ends closed with climbing rope

350 € vat included (together with a signed copy of the book Screensaver Error published by Posture Editions)


On the occasion of Lisa Vlaemminck's first institutional solo exhibition at KIOSK Ghent, Morph Allure, a monograph about her work will be published by Posture Editions, with texts by Dominique De Groen and Simon Delobel.

In KIOSK Lisa Vlaemminck presents a series of new paintings and a sixty meter long textile sculpture that will occupy the various exhibition spaces. For the design of the fabric, she worked patterns that form a long color gradient.

After the exhibition, this sculpture will be cut into 35 separate, new sculptures that will be offered for sale as works of art at € 350 each. Each work is part of the color gradient and has a unique print. The proceeds will finance the book.

The presale of these 30 works of art will start in September. The sculptures can be picked up at KIOSK after the exhibition, at the end of November. A signed copy of the book is also supplied with the work.

You can reserve a copy of the edition via stating your name and address. An invoice with payment details and information about the collection will then be drawn up and sent by e-mail.

KIOSK edition Lisa Vlaemminck 3
KIOSK edition Lisa Vlaemminck 5
KIOSK edition Lisa Vlaemminck 4
KIOSK edition Lisa Vlaemminck 1
KIOSK edition Lisa Vlaemminck 2