Erich Weiss,
Ernst Gladbach


A unique one-night performance of the Belgian born artist Erich Weiss, based on a fragment of Raymond Roussel’s publication Locus Solus: "a description of eight curious tableaux vivants taking place inside an enormous glass cage. We learn that the actors are actually dead people whom Canterel has revived with 'resurrectine', a fluid of his invention which if injected into a fresh corpse causes it continually to act out the most important incident of its life.

Featuring: Wolfe De Roeck / Roos Buskes / Irma Cohen / Gytha Parmentier / Jan Friedrich / Mathilde Strijdonk / Naomi Schatteman / Anna Schlooz

Eight actors/actresses will perform each during a 40 minutes session on a soundtrack composed by the artist in collaboration with Ernst Gladbach. This post-corona dance marathon will be streamed and transmitted live on an outdoor video screen.

Poster / Interview Erich Weiss with Simon Delobel

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