Elen Braga
Vai Piorar/Zand Erover


Vai Piorar / Zand Erover


hand-tufted tapestries

21 x 80,5 cm (Vai Piorar) / 26 x 92 cm (Zand Erover)

Unlimited, numbered edition

350 € VAT included (each tapestry)

The Portuguese vai piorar means it will get worse. In the contemporary political Brazilian context this expression is so frequently used that it has become a kind of mantra, a meme that says something about the future. Inspired by the use of the expression by so many of her friends, Elen Braga made the sentence the object of this edition. She opposes vai piorar to another saying namely zand erover, a Dutch expression that encourages you to erase something that happened in the past.

Read the interview by Laila Melchior with Elen Braga.

KIOSK editie Elen Braga Vai Piorar
KIOSK editie Elen Braga Zand Erover